Learning with Picture Books NEW Fact ‘N Fiction Picture Book:

“RANA ECLIPSO RISING, a Total Eclipse of the Sun Story”

Fact ‘N Fiction Picture Books—The Mortar Between the Bricks of Learning

to Supplement Curriculum and Enrich Classrooms

We believe that a student holding a Fact ‘N Fiction Book in their hands, guided by their teacher, will discover powerful, multi-faceted, new ways to learn

Fact ‘N Fiction Picture Books

A multi-faceted genre with both fact and fictional content

  • Fictional story told in rhyme
  • Non-fictional reading on the topic
  • Inspires critical thinking

For Classroom Enrichment

Students practice skills while learning about a topic

  • Feed student curiosity
  • Provide skill reinforcement
  • Teach layered meanings

With Free Lesson Resources

Lesson ideas designed for grades K-5

  • Developed to learning standards
  • Scope and sequence aware
  • Blooms' question stems

Designed for Home, School, and Homeschool

Teachers, Feed Student Curiosty about Eclipses with the Fact ‘N Fiction Picture Book, with STORY TOLD in RHYME:

“Rana Eclipso Rising, a Total Eclipse of the Sun Story”

Teachers grades K-5,

“Rana Eclipso Rising,
a Total Eclipse of the Sun Story”

See Inside
Rana the green frog lives in a beautiful bog until the night when “She” captures him in a net and dumps him into a frog cage for her school solar eclipse science experiment on night noise. But Rana makes no sound at all! Will Rana ruin the experiment or will She get an 'A'?

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