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Use your purchase order number to save on book pricing and shipping and order directly from Pathway Book Service: Order 1-2 of the same book and save 10%; 3-9 of the same book, save 25%; 10 or more of the same book save 40%. Pathway will add fair shipping to your sub total and ship your order within 2 days. Pre ordered title orders ship within two days of inventory becoming available.

All first time orders through Pathway Book Service must be paid with a credit card. Pathway will call you for your credit card information once they receive your order. If you are using a purchase order number, you may enter it in the form below. If you would like to establish an account with Pathway you can do so when Pathway calls you for your credit card number. Subsequent direct orders from Pathway Book Service can be invoiced to you.

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All ordered books are considered committed sales upon the placing your order.

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