Liz Bockelman

Born in the small town of Rochelle, Illinois, Liz Bockelman began a graphic design career in 1977; started her graphic design agency Graphocity in 2001; and redirected Graphocity into the publishing company Graphocity Books in 2017.

She says, “I’ve always loved to write and tell stories to entertain family and friends. My stories are usually filled with flawed characters (think “black sheep”) who stumble through surprising twists and turns. Then, of course, they learn a lesson (that’s my “faith in our common Creator” coming through). I hope my stories will entertain you and make you, my reader, think.”

In 2023, Graphocity Books launched the Learning with Picture Books Program and coined the genre of picture books containing both non-fiction and fiction “Fact ‘N Fiction” books. Designed for home, school, and homeschool, the first title offered in the new program is the new eclipse picture book “Rana Eclipso Rising—A Total Eclipse of the Sun Story.”

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