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Bad Billy's Christmas Gift

A Christmas Story

Written and Illustrated by Liz Bockelman

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Will Bad Billy get an attitude adjustment in time for Christmas?

Bad Billy creates mayhem wherever he goes. He doesn’t listen to his parents, school teacher or neighbors. Worse yet, Bad Billy doesn’t care what others think of him. Christmas is nearing and Bad Billy’s dad warns him about the kind of gifts naughty children get.

Unknown to Bad Billy, his guardian angel, who has been watching over him, is obviously displeased. The Angel takes one tiny action and Bad Billy’s life is instantly changed.

Bad Billy’s Christmas Gift provides a number of “teachable moments” on the topics of conflict, obedience, selflessness, forgiveness and redemption. The book also incorporates the history of celebrating Christmas and the role of Guardian Angels in our lives.

©  Liz Bockelman    All rights reserved.